The Toffee Club

English football pub in SE Portland. Serving savory pies, fish and chips and pub snacks daily.

EPL and MLS games are shown live at weekends alongside Bloody Marys and full English breakfasts.

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It's Our Indiegogo Street Seating Countdown!

We’ve had a great time raising funds for our new street seating structure at the Toffee Club. Thanks to the kindness of our Toffee Club fans and patrons! We have just 10 days left to fulfill our goals for the project.

  • We have limited edition T-shirts and totes that will bring great memories of your time in Portland in 2019! Once they are gone, there will be no more!

  • We have a chance for people to support the life changing work of Street Soccer PDX, a branch of Street Soccer USA. Through your generous contribution, coaches who also mentor homeless and incarcerated youth and adults will have the funding needed to keep the program going strong.

  • There is a dinner for two on the Street Seating during the summer months!

  • And a lot more!

If you wanted to donate, but have not been able to make a contribution as of yet, would would still LOVE to hear form you!


Team Toffee

PS: If you’re new to our pub, here is a video with more information on how we created the pub and had the idea for Street Seating. Let us know what you think!